Opening exhibition:
17th October 2018 at 7 pm

Exhibition dates:
From 18th October to 9th December  2018

Tinglado 2
Moll de Costa
43004 Tarragona


In the world of contemporary creation, and photography is not an exception, language hybridisation and interdisciplinary interaction is a fact. Photography can no longer be conceived as an isolated and exclusive field. Nowadays, many young photographers (creators) work with photography, video, cinema or installations indistinctly. Influences are not only photographic but cinematic, literary, musical, plastic and technological.

This reality forces us to look at photography from a more polyhedral and open perspective. For this reason this year we have Sema D’Acosta as the curator of Talent Latent, an activist from the art world who understands photography as a living and expansive language in continuous dialogue with other expressive disciplines.

SEMA D’ACOSTA (Gerena, Sevilla, 1975)

Curator Talent Latent 2018. He is a researcher, art critic and independent curator. He holds a degree in Journalism (1993-1998) and Art History (1995-2000) from the University of Seville. He is a member of the Critics’ Council for Visual Arts of Spain and curator of the Pilar Citoler International Contemporary Photography Biennial Award.

He has published several specialised books on contemporary art and photography, among the most relevant:  Joan Fontcuberta. Photo Bolsillo (2017), Imago, Ergo Sum. Joan Fontcuberta (2015) and Stand By_012. Guía de fotografía andaluza actual (2012), besides having written monographic essays about different artists.

He curated monographic exhibitions of Santiago Ydáñez, Ángel Marcos, Dionisio González, Miki Leal, Miguel Ángel Tornero, Juan del Junco and Joan Fontcuberta.

Some of these exhibitions and projects have been developed in remarkable centres and museums in Spain: among others CAAC (Seville), Canal de Isabel II (Madrid), DA2 (Salamanca), Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando (Madrid), National Museum of Natural Sciences (Madrid), National Museum of Anthropology (Madrid), MEIAC (Badajoz) and CAF (Almería).


The first edition of Talent Latent took place at the refuge warehouse of Muelle de Costa of Tarragona’s Port between the 14th and 11th of May 2008, within the frame of the first SCAN, Manifestación Fotográfica, co-organized by the Generalitat of Catalonia and the City Council of Tarragona.

That first Talent Latent was the main event at the SCAN Festival. The intention was clear:  give visibility to new artists who, in the first stage of their careers, worked essentially in the field of photography at national and international level.

Since then, six exhibitions have been carried out, showing the work of seventy young artists from all around the world. Four teams of curators have been responsible for the selection of artists. Each one of them has shaped Talent Latent with a personal and exclusive eye, making this exhibition an international benchmark of unquestionable quality.

They were: Marta Dahó, Tanit Plana and Álvaro de los Ángeles (2008); Cristina Zelich (2009) and Jesús Micó (2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016).

Josep Rigol