FULL CONTACT is an activity within SCAN Tarragona, International Photography Festival.

It is addressed to emerging photographers and artists who use photography as a means of expression.

FULL CONTACT is a meeting point that intends to establish exchanges as well as build networks, bridges and synergies between Full Contact Artists (FCA), emerging artists/photographers; and Full Contact Followers (FCF) or agents of the art world such as curators, festivals, galleries, art centres and publishers with the aim of encouraging collaboration and promoting artistic and commercial relationships between the two groups.

SCAN Tarragona will sponsor 24 emerging artists from around the world and offer them a place in Full Contact in order to show their work to all the FCF and general public, as well.

Among all participants, a professional jury will select the best portfolio to win the FULL CONTACT AWARD. The prize is the production of a solo exhibition in Tarragona during the next year. The Full Contact award is sponsored by Fundació Mútua Catalana


Amaia Molinet (Bilbao. Spain, 1988) – web

Andrés Galeano (Catalonia, Spain, 1980) – web

Anna-Lena Krause (Germany, 1994) – web

Candela Sotos (Spain, 1986) – web

Christian Lagata (Spain, 1986) – web

Cristina Santos (Vila-real, Spain, 1990) – web

Cristóbal Traslaviña (Chile, 1982) – web

David Mocha (Catalonia, Spain, 1982) – web

Diego Ballestrasse (Argentina, 1974) – web

Drew Nikonowicz (USA, 1993) – web

Hannah Woolf (Germany) – web

Juan Margolles (Germany) – web

Leafhopper (David Simon Martret – Spain, 1984 / Blanca Galindo, 1984) – web

Marta Bisbal (Catalonia, 1974) – web

Marta Zgierska (Poland, 1987) – web

Martín Bollati (Argentina, 1986) – web

Niño Rojo (Spain, 1977 / Vicente Sáez – Spain 1976)web

Noela Roibás (Spain, 1985) – web

Roger Grasas – (Catalonia, Spain, 1970) – web

Ros Boisier – (Chile, 1985) – web

Rubén Sanz Córcoles – (Spain) – web

Sabela Eiriz – (Spain, 1991) – web

Sofía Estévez – (Catalonia, Spain, 1992) – web

Victoria Rodríguez Cruz – (Spain, 1963) – web

The artist selection has been made by Jesús Vilamajó (Full Contact curator)

The photo: A new Full Contact place – Tinglado 1, Puerto de Tarragona-