19th and 20th October  2018

Tinglado 1
9, Moll de la Costa
43004 Tarragona

FULL CONTACT is a meeting point which aims to establish exchanges by creating networks, bridges and synergies between Full Contact Artists and Full Contact Followers (art world agents such as gallerists, festival directors, publishers, curators and critics) with the purpose of promoting collaboration and encouraging artistic and commercial relationships between them in the future.

At FULL CONTACT, while a photographer shows his work to a gallerist or to another festival’s director, a gallerist meets a publisher, while another publisher discovers an artist, while a photographer chats to another photographer and they start thinking about a project together, all artists and followers freely interact, sharing a space for two days. Friendships, collaborations, shared ideas and opportunities arise and new ideas are cultivated.

FULL CONTACT is an intersection, a platform where artists and art world’s agents start drawing new projects together.


This year Full Contact received 290 projects from more than 30 countries around the world.

Among all the works, 22 artists have been selected and invited to present their porfolios to Full Contact Followers and to the audience.

They are all candidates for Full Contact 2018 award, organized with the support of Fundación Privada Mutua Catalan.


Due to the specificity and prestige achieved by Full Contact with its past editions, the festival will invite 50 Full Contact Followers who, by being recognised for their pedagogical tasks, valuable professional career in the field of photography and/or art, for their commitment to new creators and to the artistic and photographic community, are considered suitable to participate in the next edition of this activity.

Full Contact Followers’ selection is run by the curator and SCAN Tarragona’s management team.


A qualified jury will select the best portfolio among the photographers present in Full Contact 2018. The author will be invited for a solo exhibition at Fundación Forum por la Fotografía de Tarragona in 2019. The prize is the exhibition production.

Rewarded authors:

Stéphanie Roland (2012), Ian Waelder (2014) and Juan Margolles (2016).

MUN 3LIN Negro

Production / Contact:
Chiara Fabro