18th Octobre to 9th December 2018

18th Octobre, at 19 h

Tinglado 2 del Puerto de Tarragona

In recent years we have seen a rise of photobooks. This consolidates and confirms a new form of creation, an expression closely related to emerging contemporary photography. For this reason, and for the second consecutive year, SCAN Tarragona Festival wants to highlight the quality of these self-published photobooks, not only as a means of expression, but also as a new way of presentation of the work.

For this reason, we are announcing a call for submission of publications. With all entries received, SCAN Tarragona will do a selection, that will hold an exhibition from 18 October to 9 December de 2018, at Tinglado 2 in Tarragona port (Spain).

Curator: Jesús Vilamajó

Coordination: Chiara Fabro

Do you have a photobook or fanzine, self-published or from an independent editor, and do you want to present it to SCAN PhotoBooks? Fill in this form and attach a PDF file with some images of the book, you want to present (both inside and the cover), specifying the materials and size of the publication.
The book must have been published between 2017 and 2018.

18th July 2018, at 23.59 h.

At the beginning of September, SCAN Tarragona will contact the selected authors. The list will be published on the festival’s website on the last September of 2018.

The cost of sending the books will be assumed by each author (the place of delivery will be specified).

After the exhibition, the book can be picked up in person by the author, returned by mail, or if the author wishes, it can be donated to the Documentation Centre of the Forvm Foundation for the Photography, in Tarragona. Please specify your choice when sending your book.

The selected participants give temporary copyright of all submitted works to SCAN Tarragona, for the sole purpose of promoting the festival. The authorʼs IP rights are fully guaranteed at all times according to the Intellectual Property Law.
Participants must accept these rules.